Strip bars, the shadowy world of clandestine sex clubs, and the scorching encounters between Danny Rothstein and liberated heroine are some of the provocative elements in The New Orleans Hothouse, an erotic romance set in the noir splendor of 1950sí New Orleans. The New Orleans Hothouse is an explicit glimpse at the carnal underworld of New Orleans and unlike many erotic romances, the novel gives the reader a male point of view.

Danny Rothstein, a handsome young casino owner, leaves Las Vegas for New Orleans. Danny is a product of the button-down fifties and thinks he knows everything about women. His life comes apart at the seams when he meets Yvette Delacroix, a nineteen-year-old cigarette girl who has sampled life on the wild side. After a dark encounter in a sex club, the two embark on a torrid romance that challenges everything Danny believes about female sexuality and love. At the end of Dannyís passionate journey, he learns bad girls can be very good indeed.

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Movie moguls, platinum-blonde bombshells, and a plucky girl on the run are some of the elements of Mitzi of the Ritz, a romantic mystery set in Hollywood during the great Depression. In the fall of 1930, the youthful protagonist, Mitzi Schector leaves New York and flees the machinations a local mobster. She makes an eventful cross-country trek on the famed the Santa Fe Chief and meets the cast of characters who will change her life. Mitzi arrives in Los Angeles when motion pictures were in the final stages of the not-so-rapid transformation from sound to talking pictures. Mitzi finds work as an organist at the Broadway Ritz, the last silent movie theater on Los Angeles famed Broadway theater district and her real adventure begins.