by Lee Rene

Welcome to Lee! Lee Rene is a jazz-loving author of Gothic mysteries, Young Adult and New Adult novels, and erotica. Lee had the good fortune of being born in one the most diverse cities in the world, sun-kissed Los Angeles. The City of the Angels is more than just palm trees, toned bodies, movie stars, and beaches, it’s a fusion of people, languages and cultures that have influenced her life and writing.  

In her past literary life, Lee worked a lifestyle writer for magazines in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver as well as an entertainment journalist and movie reviewer in print, on-line, and on radio in the Los Angeles area. She co-wrote the well-received autobiography, The Diva and Doctor God, as well as non-fiction articles for History Today and The Lancet, all under a different name. Lee is a student of American history and her works are usually set in the past. When she’s not writing, she loves delving into history, enjoying classical music and jazz. In addition, Lee is an avid movie junkie, and loves exploring the Gothic world.

Desiree Broussard is her second story set on the cobbled streets of New Orleans’s Rue St. Marc. It’s her sincere wish that lovers of dark romances and provocative tales join her on her artistic journey.