The Big Easy


 New Orleans is neither fish nor fowl, an ancient city of decaying grandeur yet a hipster’s paradise, not European, but not fully American either.  [READ MORE}



In the 1940s and 50s, butch/femme relationships were de rigueur in the queer sub-culture, especially for lesbians. They were notable at a time when straight culture labeled gays and lesbians as deviants and pushed them toward nocturnal existences in bars and underground clubs. A butch represented the male role while femme referred to the female role.  [READ MORE]

Desiree Broussard by Lee Rene


In 1950s New Orleans, perversity rules; there are no saints, but plenty of sinners. In the shadowy world of clandestine sex clubs, the police are a lethal force and sexuality can be deadly.   [READ MORE]